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Attention entrepreneurs looking to start a cleaning business and business owners looking to structure and scale their cleaning business.

Cleaning services are extremely in high demand and always essential, so it's likely you'll always have some money coming into the business.

North America has the largest market for cleaning services. In the cleaning industry, there is a predicted growth of 10% in the U.S. This is higher than the current average for all industries in the U.S, which comes in at 7%. However, 95% of cleaning & janitorial businesses fail within the first year.

When we first started our business, we underbid on cleaning projects. We had no idea how to charge. We paid for leads that had been sold to multiple companies. Paid franchise fees for jobs that were not ours and made very little profit.

All these things can result in:

·       Charging Too Little or Too Much when Starting a Cleaning Business

·       Losing money on multiple cleaning projects

·       Being short-staffed

·       Hiring the Wrong People

·       Investing in the wrong marketing strategies

·       Poor lead quality leading to limited callbacks

·       Buying Too Much/Not Enough Equipment

·       Not Paying Your Employees Enough

·       Worst of all having to go back and re-clean at client's work sites.


This guide will propel the launch or growth of your cleaning service business with actionable steps, tools, and a checklist.

·       The license requirement

·       The insurance requirement

·       The cleaning services offered and at what prices?

·       Determining your business location

·       Determining your targeting market

·       Scheduling and Management

·       Cleaning Supply Vendors

·       Proven marketing strategies

·       Essential Supplies List and Equipment List

·       House Cleaning Checklist

·       Post Construction Checklist

·       Three Cleaners Job descriptions

Start Your Cleaning Business

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