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-Assistance in organizing and developing business documentation.

-Complete vendor profile.

-Strategy session included.

-Completion of (1) application.


Below are the minimum eligibility requirements* necessary to become a woman-or minority-owned Florida Certified Business Enterprise (CBE). If you meet these requirements, we will submit the required supporting documentation to the state, county, or city on your company's behalf.

Your business must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Be legally registered to do business in Florida as a for-profit organization (registration through the Department of State).
  • Be based in Florida.
  • Be owned and managed by a resident(s) of Florida.
  • Be 51 percent owned and managed by a woman, veteran, or minority who is a U.S. citizen or permanent resident alien.
  • Be engaged in commercial transactions (currently doing business).
  • Have a net worth of less than $5 million.
  • Have 200 or fewer full-time permanent employees.
  • Have a professional license, if required by the industry, in the name of the woman or minority business owner. 


*Email Questionaire to

Minority Certification Assistance Program

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