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Alyssa Hogan – Inspiring Leadership and Transformative Insights

Keynote Speaker | Session Host | Moderator | Panelist

With over two decades of experience in business consulting, strategic planning, and leadership development, Alyssa Hogan brings a wealth of knowledge and a dynamic presence to every event. Whether you need a keynote speaker to inspire and motivate, a session host to guide insightful discussions, a skilled moderator to navigate complex topics, or a panelist to provide expert opinions, Alyssa Hogan is your ideal choice.

Clapping Audience

Why Choose Alyssa Hogan?

Expertise: With 20+ years in the industry, Alyssa has worked with thousands of clients, helping them achieve their business goals and secure ver $5 million in funding.

Engagement: Known for her engaging speaking style, Alyssa captivates audiences with her compelling narratives and practical insights.


Versatility: Alyssa’s diverse experience allows her to adeptly handle various roles, whether as a keynote speaker, session host, moderator, or panelist.


Customized Content: Alyssa tailors her presentations to meet the specific needs and objectives of your event, ensuring relevance and impact.

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Event Booking

Signature Topics

Alyssa Hogan offers expertise on a wide range of topics, including but not limited to:

Leadership Development: Strategies for cultivating effective and inspiring leaders.


Business Growth and Strategy: Insights on scaling businesses, strategic planning, and navigating market challenges.


Entrepreneurship: Guidance for startups and small businesses on securing funding, building a business plan, and achieving sustainable growth.


Innovation and Change Management: Techniques for fostering innovation and managing organizational change.

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